This is K-Fastigheter

K-Fastigheter’s goal as a property owner is to create attractive homes with a high level of comfort. The Group’s operations comprise active property management, project development and construction under its own management. In order to increase cost efficiency and short construction times, K-Fastigheter has chosen to work with three proprietary concept houses that are built for the company’s management. K-Fastigheter offers about 2,240 homes in several locations in the Öresund region, Småland and western Sweden, and is constantly evaluating new markets in line with increased production capacity. The Group’s property portfolio has a book value of approximately SEK 6.9 billion, with an annual rental income of about SEK 265 million.

Trading in K-Fastigheter class B shares (KFAST B) on Nasdaq Stockholm commenced on 29 November 2019. Further information on this page.

Our vision

K-Fastigheter is to be one of the Nordic region’s largest players in the rental market and a leading property owner of sustainably constructed, innovative and cost-effective concept houses that are characterized by the best combination of high standard, comfort, safety and security.

Our operations

Koncernen har en stark position i Öresundsregionen och i utvalda städer i södra och västra Sverige. Visionen är att bli en av Nordens största aktörer och ledande fastighetsägare av hållbart byggda, innovativa och kostnadseffektiva koncepthus som uppfyller de önskemål och krav som ställs av de hyresgäster som vill skapa ett hem för många år framöver. Koncernens bostäder ska kännetecknas av marknadens bästa kombination av hög standard, hemkänsla och trygghet.

Associated companies
Novum Samhällsfastigheter AB
K-Fastigheter is a partner in Novum Samhällsfastigheter AB. This associated company is a leading player in the development of special housing for the elderly, schools, preschools and other community properties. Great focus is placed on finding innovative solutions, offering surface-efficient and quality premises to municipalities and private companies.
More information, in Swedish, at

HOMEstate AB
HOMEstate offers homes for those who are away from your home for a long time. The company has modern and comfortable long stay solutions, ie renting fully furnished apartments with high service level. The company is jointly owned by K-Fastigheter, Balder and One Partner Group.
More information at

Our collaboration with BoKlok   

K-Fastigheter and BoKlok have agreed to build a thousand new apartments over the coming three years. The aim of the project is to allow more people to create their homes at a reasonable cost. Two leading construction and property companies are behind the initiative, aimed at offering average-income people good-quality homes in safe neighborhoods. Read more about our collaboration with BoKlok. Read more about our collaboration with BoKlok.

Our history

2010: K-Fastigheter was founded by Jacob Karlsson and the company took up its first property, Loke 13, in total eight apartments with a small plot.

2011: K-Fastigheter commenced construction of the T4 area in Hässleholm. The company also started production of the first concept house Low-rise (Sw. Låghus) developed and constructed by K-Fastigheter, built externally by the then EN Byggarna i Göinge AB, a company now owned by K-Fastigheter. Erik Selin became part owner of K-Fastigheter.

2012: The T4 area in Hässleholm was completed with a total of 34 apartments and K-Fastigheter started its second Low-rise project, the Betkvarnen block in Kristianstad.

2013: K-Fastigheter established operations in Helsingborg, hired its first employee and started production of its second concept house, Lateral low-rise (Sw. Lamellhus), which was built by EN Byggarna i Göinge AB.

2014: K-Fastigheter started construction operations on its own instead of purchasing externally.

2015: K-Fastigheter established operations in Malmö.

2016: K-Fastigheter established operations in Landskrona and at year-end 2015/2016 also acquired 63 percent of the shares in EN Byggarna i Göinge AB to own the construction process of Lamellhus. The first construction project with self-produced Lamellhus, the Siv 1 block, was started.

2017: K-Fastigheter created its third concept house, Apartment Block (Sw. Punkthus), which is built entirely in concrete.

2018: K-Fastigheter acquired the remaining shares in EN Byggarna i Göinge AB (now K-Fast Produktion AB). The first Apartment Block was completed in Hässleholm and the company decided to expand to Växjö.

2019: K-Fastigheter acquired real estate in Växjö and made a decision to establish in Gothenburg. In order to meet an increasing rate of production, the company invested in a new production facility in Hässleholm for the manufacture of, among other things, curtain walls. The plant is planned to be completed by 2020.

2019: Trading in K-Fastigheter class B shares (KFAST B) on Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid Cap, commenced on 29 November. Subscription price was SEK 105.

2019: At the end of 2019, K-Fastigheter had 1,711 apartments under management and rental income amounted to SEK 157 million for the full-year. The Group’s total property and project portfolio amounted to 3,950 apartments on 31 December 2019.

2020: K-Fastigheter acquired building rights in Borås, Gävle, Västerås and entered Denmark by acquiring a properties in the Copenhagen metro area (Høje-Taastrup, Vallensbæk Strand, Solrød Strand and Greve).

2020: In collaboration with BoKlok, K-Fastigheter will build and develop up to 1,000 apartments in a three-year period.

2020: K-Fastigheter completed a directed new issue of 2,000,000 class B shares (KFAST B). The subscription price was SEK 252 per share through an accelerated bookbuilding process. The directed new share issue was open to Swedish and international institutional investors. In addition to a strong support from existing shareholders, several new institutional investors participated. The proceeds provides K-Fastigheter the opportunity to expand its project portfolio further with strategic acquisitions of building rights.

2020: In December, K-Fastigheter signed an agreement regarding the acquisition of Finja Prefab AB, a nationwide producer of prefabricated concrete elements.  K-Fastigheter is to take possession of the operational properties and building rights in January 2021.

2021: At the end of 2020, the Group’s total portfolio of apartments under management, in production, in the project portfolio and acquisitions where we have not yet taken possession totaled 7,496, an increase of 90 percent year-on-year. The Board decided to revise the operational target for construction start of apartments for Group property management from 1,000 to 1,300 apartments before the end of 2023.



Please contact Anders Antonsson för more information about K-Fastigheter.