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Our view on sustainability and responsible business

K-Fastigheter has high ambitions to meet today’s and future demands for environmental classification of work processes, construction and completed buildings. Goals and key ratios are identified and followed up. It is important for K-Fastigheter to maintain its position as a reliable and credible company that creates value for all stakeholders. Being a credible company and reliable partner also includes a strong commitment to respecting human rights and a clear position for a good and equal work environment, circular construction and efficiency in all processes. K-Fastigheter is actively working against corruption and money laundering.

Sustainability is integrated into K-Fastigheter’s operations and the Group’s work is mainly governed by its Code of Conduct, which is based on UN Global Compact, and policy documents, which shadow the Group’s business concept, goals and other policies to ensure that operations are conducted in a long-term sustainable manner. While all of the UN’s 17 sustainability goals are important, as an individual company, K-Fastigheter is not able to resolve all of the challenges that the UN describes as critical in achieving sustainable development. K-Fastigheter can contribute, and seeks to, in those areas where we believe we get the best results, and the Group’s management has chosen to focus on those objectives where K-Fastigheter can today generate the greatest impact and be relevant to the Group’s stakeholders.

The areas judged most relevant based on both stakeholders’ and K-Fastigheter’s perspective is compliance with laws and regulations, including the regulations for accurate market communications, anti-corruption, customer satisfaction, employees’ terms of employment and energy consumption.

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